Laser ILCA Training Cabarete

Laser ILCA Training Cabarete has a clinic for every sailor, from high performance racing to programs geared towards club sailors. Our coaches are ready and excited to show you all the ways you can improve your sailing and have fun doing it!


The long-term charter is the ideal program for sailors who plan to visit Cabarete for an extended stay. Rates include boat charter (see equipment rental list below) and participation in group practice sessions. 

Charter fees:

  • 30 Days Charter: $1390.00 
  • 45 Days Charter: $1,890.00
  • 60 Days Charter: $2,340.00
* Blackout dates: Caribbean Midwinter Regatta, January 20-22, 2023


All Laser ILCA Training clinics include:

— Charter Race ready ILCA boats, rudder, daggerboard, spars, hiking strap, dolly
— Classroom presentations with video examples
— Daily on-water training & coaching
— Video recording and analysis
— Targeted drills and racing

CALENDAR 2022-23


December 26-30: Christmas clinic
Coach Judith Krimski, Limited to 6 sailors.
Fee: 1,
280.00 USD

When we first offered Judith Krimski to coach in Cabarete, people thought we were crazy. After all Judith is a Master sailor, not a youth champion. But since then, sailors from all over the world have become followers, as Judith just has a magic way to dedicate personal attention to each sailor and make sure all sailors feel a passion for sailing.


January 5-9: Downwind speed and surfing techniques

Coach Judith. Limited to 6 sailors
Fee: 1090.00 USD

Cabarete is the perfect location for learning how to surf waves downwind. Sailors work through a range of wind scenarios from light to heavy wind. Learn how to create power and turn it into speed, judge wave and wind angles, and learn proper sail trim, body position, and steering. 

January 14-18: Midwinter regatta pre-race clinic

Limited to 7 sailors
Fee: 1690.00 USD

Olympic medal winner in the Beijing summer games and  renowned elite coach Diego Romero, is coming to Cabarete to share with you his wealth of experience and insider moves to improve your results in regattas. Includes extensive instruction in race preparation, starts, boat speed, and avoiding leaving points around the race course. 

January 20-22, 2023  20th Caribbean Midwinter Regatta

January 24-28: Post regatta clinic and symposium
Coach Judith, Limited to 6 sailors.
Fee: 990.00 USD

Designed to analyze real-life racing situations. Build on successes and learn from mistakes. Hear from the Midwinter Regatta winners and improve skills through daily sailing practice. Participants have the opportunity to put improved skills into practice with a one-day in-bay regatta at the end of the clinic.


January 31st to February 4: Serious fun Cabarete
Coach Judith, limited to 6 sailors
Fee: 890.00 USD

Share the experience with other Laser sailors.  Designed for those who love to sail, practice in a group, but don’t want to spend the whole day watching videos and listening to lectures.

This is a great clinic for those traveling with no sailing family, friends, or just need to work in the morning.

We will start at 2:00 PM setting up marks and giving starts.

Coach Judith will be available in the morning for those who do want a one on one sessions. 

February 7-11: Upwind techniques and strategies
Coach Judith, Limited to 6 sailors
Fee: 990.00 USD

Starts and first beat legs can define racing success. This clinic focuses on the timing, geography, and boat handling aspects of this phase of a race.

February 14-18: Optimal speed while conditions change.
Coach Judith Krimski, Limit 6 sailors
Fee: 990.00 USD

What does the optimal boat speed feel like? Get plenty of practice around the race course as you implement correct sail-trim, body position, and steering. Better understand the Laser’s behavior by tuning into your five sailing senses. Clinic designed for sailors who tack and jibe at ease in 15 knots and want to improve on all aspects of their Laser handling skills.

February 19-23: ILCA 4 & 6  clinic
Coach Judith Krimski, Limited to 6 sailors.
Fee: 990.00 USD

As more youth and women enter the sport, the ILCA 4 & 6 rigs (formerly 4.7 and Radial) are gaining traction in regattas. In fact, ILCA 6 fleets in Europe are now typically larger than the ILCA 7 fleets. This clinic is geared for sailors who move between the two rigs or sail one exclusively, but don’t often get the chance to compete with others in their rig size. Learn how to tune each rig, practice a range of skills and have fun racing in a fleet!

We want you to feel at home on our boats so please bring the following equipment:
  • Laser control lines: Vang, outhaul, cunningham, mainsheet
  • Daggerboard bungee 
  • Traveler set-up with block
  • Tiller and extension
  • Sail and battens
  • Windvane
  • Personal sailing gear: Hiking pants, rash guard, hat, sunglasses, sailing booties, sailing gloves, PFD


Help preserve our environment! Please bring a reusable water bottle and reef friendly sunscreen.


January 20-22, 2023

Enjoy three days of racing with competitors from around the world. 

Contact us for information 
about customized group clinics.

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Raul Cabarete

Cabarete has become a premier location for remote workers. Daily practice in a variety of conditions will most certainly give you a leg-up on the competition back home.

“In the morning I work online with my team during business hours in Europe. But in the afternoon I’m enjoying great moments sailing the Atlantic. That combination makes Cabarete the perfect tropical winter destination.”

— Job B, Spain

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