Getting Around/Local Amenities

Life in Cabarete is a wonderful mix of busy Dominican culture, adventure sports enthusiasts, sun bathers, and a thriving ex-pat community. Everything you need is a short walk down the beach or main road.

Getting Around

Cabarete Town: “Downtown” Cabarete, is a 4 Km stretch from the traffic light at Callejón De La Loma east to Janet’s Market. The majority of amenities are located in this area. The beach is easily accessed by numerous alleyways from the main street.

Beyond Cabarete: For those looking to travel further afield there are several transportation options:

Taxi: Easy to find on the main street and costing anywhere from 500 pesos (10 USD) for local rides to 1700 (30 USD) for a trip to the Puerto Plata airport.

Guagua: The equivalent of mass transportation, these are vans designed to take 8 people and many times take 14. They stop for anyone hailing them. Guaguas are a cheap way to travel to Sosua or Puerto Plata.

Moto: Feeling brave? The ubiquitous Motos (motorcycles) are the popular transportation choice. Motos are found all along the main street of Cabarete and you don’t even have to hail them. They will hail “Moto Moto!” as you walk by. Plan to pay about 50-100 pesos for a local ride.

The Dominican Republic has five international airports. Puerto Plata (POP) is the closest airport to Cabarete.

WIFi Everywhere

Need to stay connected? Most restaurants and all accomodations offer free WIFi to patrons. For those who need higher speed connection these are our favorites places:

Drifter Restaurant: Comfortable seating and tables to set up your laptop workstation.

Vagamundo: A favorite breakfast spot for expats and locals alike, indulge in amazing coffee and waffles while you stay connected.

Fresh Fresh: Lots of space and a quiet atmosphere conducive to focusing on work.

Paying for Goods and Services

Dominican currency is the Peso. While Carib Wind and Drifter Restaurant accept credit cards some establishments don’t. Fortunately, there are several banks with ATMs located along the main street.

Local sales tax is 18%. It is important to verify before making purchases that the price includes sales tax. Restaurants are also required to charge a 10% service charge that is shared among all the staff, and satisfied customers can leave an additional discretionary tip for the servers.