What to bring?

The Lasers you will charter are guaranteed to be in top condition and include hull, main sheet pulley, deck pulleys,deck cleats, hiking strap, spars, centerboard, rudder and dolly.

To feel right at home on our Lasers, customize it to your likings. This will also allow the coaches to offer changes in your rigging habits, for more efficient sailing.

Please bring the following from your personal equipment inventory:

  • tiller and tiller extension
  • mainsheet
  • outhaul setup including bungie
  • boom vang assembly
  • cunningham setup (including blocks at  gooseneck)
  • line for your hiking strap
  • compass if you use one
  • sail
  • battens
  • wind vane if you use one
  • traveller line with blocks (boom blocks are supplied)
  • some like to take off the control line off our rudders to fit the tiller cleat positioning exactly
  • Life Vest
  • Energy bars for on the water snacks. One can buy bars in local supermarkets, but with limited types, and flavors.

Sailing clothing should include what you normally wear for moderate to hot climates. The average water temperature is 75F (24C), and the air temperature averages 83F (28C).

*Beginner participants  of the Laser to Laser program, who don’t have the equipment noted above, can receive complete boats here. Total number of complete rigs available at our club is 2.