A review from a new Laser sailor

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I wanted to thank you for making putting together several of the key ingredients that have led to my very positive experience sailing in Cabarete.
Upon my arrival in Cabarete, the winds were high, and the seas were big inside the reef. I immediately felt like sailing Cabarete was going to be over my head. The class with coach Judith was very informative. Judith has a very no no nonsense easy to understand approach to teaching. On the very first day, after a pre-sail briefing we rigged our boats and went out into 18+ kts and large waves. I capsized many times. On my way back to the beach, I thought to myself that if I rushed de-rigging my boat, I might be able to catch the next flight back to NJ the very same day. While waiting for an opportunity to discuss my imminent departure, I listened to coach Judith tell a friend that ” These days men no longer push themselves to the extreme.” Well, I felt guilted into staying at that point. And can not tell you how pleased I am that I did. After completing the 5 day class, I can easily say that I am a much better sailor, and even more importantly, I am no longer be intimidated by high winds or waves. In addition, as good as the sailing experience was, it made exponentially better by all of the very nice, interesting people that I met during the class and hung out with.
This was a fantastic experience. I will unquestionably be back to Cabarete to sail with coach Judith again next year.
Best regards,
By the way. Congratulations on having assembled fantastic team at Caribe Wind. The team inside the shop and outside were always friendly and helpful.

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