Dear Ari

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed my visit to Cabarete and to thank you for arranging my solo lessons with Angelo. i learnt so much and my improvement in performance was remarkable, at least judging by the last day, even though I still needed a rescue! With thanks to Wilson and Job.
I look forward to my next visit!
Of course it is ok to use a picture
Thank you for everything and to all your staff.

My very best wishes


On 2 Mar 2019,


I wanted to thank you for making putting together several of the key ingredients that have led to my very positive experience sailing in Cabarete.
Upon my arrival in Cabarete, the winds were high, and the seas were big inside the reef. I immediately felt like sailing Cabarete was going to be over my head. The class with coach Judith was very informative. Judith has a very no no nonsense easy to understand approach to teaching. On the very first day, after a pre-sail briefing we rigged our boats and went out into 18+ kts and large waves. I capsized many times. On my way back to the beach, I thought to myself that if I rushed de-rigging my boat, I might be able to catch the next flight back to NJ the very same day. While waiting for an opportunity to discuss my imminent departure, I listened to coach Judith tell a friend that ” These days men no longer push themselves to the extreme.” Well, I felt guilted into staying at that point. And can not tell you how pleased I am that I did. After completing the 5 day class, I can easily say that I am a much better sailor, and even more importantly, I am no longer be intimidated by high winds or waves. In addition, as good as the sailing experience was, it made exponentially better by all of the very nice, interesting people that I met during the class and hung out with.
This was a fantastic experience. I will unquestionably be back to Cabarete to sail with coach Judith again next year.
Best regards,

By the way. Congratulations on having assembled fantastic team at Caribe Wind. The team inside the shop and outside were always friendly and helpful.

February 2019

Thanks so much Stephanie and I had a marvelous time in Cabarete. I personally believe the Nick Thompson Clinic was the best coach for my level of sailing. His critiquing of my sail trim and form was so helpful and look forward to sailing next summer. I highly recommend trying the Blue Laser if anyone is shopping for a new boat, as one can really feel the difference in with carbon fiber upper and centerboard trunk. A fantastic time and appreciate your support of the Laser Class.

Sail Fast!

January 2019

Article in Kazi – June 2011, Japan’s most important sailing magazine.

Article in Laser World  – March 2011, publication of International Laser Class Association.

Article in Lagoon – Issue 7, 2010 in Russian.

Article in Outside Magazine – January 2009.

Article in Sailing World Magazine – November 2008.

We are back in Holland after a good flight. Just wanted to thank you guys for organizing such a nice regatta once again.
Hopefully we will be seeing each other again next year.

Asher and Cielke
January 20, 2015

Thanks for the advice. It was frustrating at times but Im not complaining. I understand it is an opportunity to focus on the finer points of technique. I need to improve my boat handling, especially tacking. The wind vane is a good idea. I also feel I lack experience in sail trim so I dont really know how to make the boat go faster.

Ill get there. I have already learnt a lot on this course and Im very glad I came. Today felt better. Inconsistent, certainly, but I feel Im making progress.
See you tomorrow,

January 21, 2015

Just a note to say that yet again we had a great time, as did our friends. Good and helpful conversations with (coach) Judy, and still learning.
Saludos, y hasta el anno proximo,

January 25, 2015

Hi! Once again thanks for a fantastic week although i didnt sail up to my own expectations.

January 27, 2015

The write up in the newsletter you just sent is awesome.  I think the way you are looking at it, and the terminology is spot on and the best explanation of those things I have ever read.  Its funny how the terminology focuses our attention, sometimes on the wrong things.

Coach Gary
February 8, 2015

Following a Laser to Laser coaching Downwind session in Cabarete December 2014, here is what Dan Wrote:
I had better speed down wind than I remember last year in similar conditions. I sailed a few races in the top 5 and was happy to stay even or stay close with the best guys…
A few guys even came up to me on land and asked me questions about my downwind sailing. That never happened before! So I am happy with the improvement and I know I will get better as I get more comfortable. …
I read the latest newsletter from the Training Center about “connecting waves”. That totally makes sense to me now.

Thanks for all your help. I hope to have another chance to sail with you soon.

February 15, 2015

I first traveled to Cabarete in 2009 and fell in love with the place, people and sailing. This time I spent 8 days there. All of which were ‘Champagne yachting’ with 12-17kts, clear blue skies, crystal clear water, large swells and hot weather; what more could you ever ask for.
Cabarete is an amazing beach town with a wide variety of great food, the best of which is right on the training site at the Eze bar; great bars to keep you entertained in the evenings; plus great rental spots for all other watersports you may wish to indulge in whilst there. The training center run by Ari and MJ is first class with a great team around them making your stay as easy and productive as possible. Wilson and his team of helpers make you feel like a king by pulling your boat up and down the beach everyday, always greeting you with a smile and enthusiasm. The first 4 days of my trip were spent sailing in one of Dr Rulo’s clinics, which was brilliant. There was a wide range of abilities present, however he was still able to deliver an enjoyable and throughly educational training program. This enabled me to brush up on a few skills needed for my own Olympic campaign. The final 3 days of the trip were spent competing in the Caribbean Mid Winter regatta, run on site by Ari and Mj. This regatta proved to be a great warm up for Miami OCR, with 3 races held per day by a very competent race team.
When not sailing or being entertained by the other sailors stories, I spent my time kitesurfing, learning some new tricks and surfing the huge waves. The remaining 2 minutes of day light left were used up by stand up paddle boarding or getting wiped-out in a kayak on the reef, both of which were in the equipment provided free of charge.
What a trip and what a place to train!
Thanks Ari, I hope to return soon!

Nick Thompson GBR
January 18, 2011

It was helpful to focus on sailing through the two clinics. I picked up some valuable hints. Like everything, Laser sailing is evolving, and a clinic now and then is the best way to keep up with the developments. Thank you for making it possible.

Peter Seidenberg
March 18, 2011

I learned a lot about sailing successfully and more safely with 20+ knots from Rulo; he is an amazing coach.  I will definitely come back for more, since this old dog has to learn a few more tricks.   I will be studying the DVD!
Kind regards,

April 18, 2011

We will be back. Hotel was great. Staff was very pleasant. I have told ALL my friends the Velero is the spot. – Best,

April 18, 2011

We had a wonderful time. We bought a second copy of the Laser DVD, which I know Malcolm will watch.

April 3, 2011

Many thanks again to you, Rulo and everyone at Caribwind (Wilson was exceptionally helpful!). Will definitely be back.
We are trying to see if we can swing a long weekend for her in the Fall. Will be in touch soon as we figure some dates.

All Best,
March 31, 2011

I did not have the chance to say BYE when I left.
I just want to say that we all had great time in Cabarete.
Your center is very well organized and you have a great team down there.
The best thing….. THE WIND. I have been there 14 days… and I saw strong wind every day.

The place is so unique…nice and safe.
I certainly may come back.
As I said I will be sending  a “trip report” to all my fellow LASER sailors here in the Twin City.

March 28, 2011

Could not have been better. I feel stronger than before.
Best regards

March 28, 2011

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything while I was down there. Thank you Ari for setting up all the arrangements and helping me get set up down there, and thank your Rulo for 5 wonderful days of training. I had a blast and definitely didn’t want to go home! My coach, Todd, is hoping to send a group down this summer, so hopefully I will be back soon.
Thanks again,

March 22, 2011

My week at LAser Training Center was incredible. I learned a great deal technically and I am sure that will help me in my future races. The people there are really amazing, always ready to help with a smile.  The weather conditions are challenging: constant wind and large waves help us improve our sailing and gives us a really good time on the water. Coach Ken is a great source of knowledge and helped me perfect  my technique. I learned something new every day, and Ken gave away pertinent information at every moment, from the briefing in the morning until the debriefing, at the end of the day.

I am definitely looking forward to come back next year!

Thank you for this great week.


I only have positive things to say about my experience. Everyone on the team was amazing and very professional. You (coach Ken) were amazing, I wish I had your patience. I liked the next day written summary and the morning reviews. As you know I’m not a Olympic hopeful, but I came away from the clinic with a lot more confidence and tools to improve.
Thanks so much,


Thank you for making the week worthwhile for all of us. I know it took
some extra work for you to make sure we all got coaching that was suited
to our different levels. I learned a huge amount about fixing my laser
sailing bad habits. This Sunday I’m putting on my wetsuit and getting
some practice while it’s still fresh in my mind.

March 18, 2011

The trip to Cabarete was wonderful both as training and as
a vacation.  You have a great facility in a great location
and your statement that there is “no similar program
offered anywhere” is certainly justified.

March 17 2011

Scott and I had a wonderful relaxing week.  Christi had an amazing week.  She really enjoyed working with Rulo and the other sailors.  I know she is already trying to figure out when she can come back.  So please keep us in mind when you are putting together any special programs!

You have a wonderful facility and great people, we felt very comfortable.  If I can possibly learn some Spanish by the next time I would love to help with the school children someday.  I think what MJ has put together for them is a great project.

We will keep in touch,

March 16, 2011

You guys did a great job of running our training camp and thanks for sharing with us your little piece of Heaven. We will definitely be back.

March 7, 2011

Thanks a lot
What a great vacation….excellent location, excellent coaching, lots of good friends, beating Rob Koci…..ha ha.  What more to ask for?!
By the way, my kids LOVED the boogie boarding.

February 9, 2011

Thank you for your friendly welcome, I have appreciated your kindness and all the staff were always thoughtful and professionals.
I’ve liked the Laser training center so much that now I ask myself : “should I buy a laser boat the next summer or to come back at Cabarete the next year?

January 30, 2011

Thank you both very much for the hospitality in Cabarete. I thoroughly enjoyed my self. I learnt a lot. Sailed well!!!!! Enjoyed the food and warmth of the locals.
You have an enviable lifestyle. Hope to be back

January 28, 2011

A great regatta, and we had a wonderful time – and that is a view from the back of the fleet. We look forward to next year.

January 25, 2011

Thanks for a great time; I feel faster.

Jan 24, 2011

just wanted to thank you, MJ and all the team – had a great time


Jan 22, 2011

Very nice!! This year it was the best year so far for sure. Organization was great and weather could not have been better.
Congratulations and thank you guys for hosting this great event in the backyard!!
I wish you the best for the years to come as well!

Jan 18, 2011

Thanks a lot for giving Philipine such a great time.
She considers your place the best place she has sailed ever.

Kind regards,

January 16, 2011

We loved it and didn’t want to leave!

Got back safely and straight off to work but thoughts were soon back in Cabarete.  The Lasers, the conditions, the wind, the waves were all fab. Laser sailing in the UK is never going to compare!

Will send you some piccys when we get them sorted.

January 12, 2011

Thanks! Cabarete certainly helped!

August 15, 2010

Rasmus Myrgren from Sweden said:

The 3 weeks in Cabarete sure helped me a lot in my preparations for the Worlds, so thanks a lot and I am sure we will meet again.

Rick Strilky from the USA said:

To: My Laser sailing friend from Cabarete 2005,
The following is a list of ideas that are largely from our coach Rulo. I am rewriting these notes while I’m on the plane returning to Chicago. I keeping with the solidarity I have with you all who are still on the water, I have decided to where my ugly brown hat, hiking pants, and sailing boots on the plane. I have rigged a mainsheet to the seat in front of me. I tried to put a vang on the overhead compartment but it wouldn’t reach. When ever the plane has turbulence, I try to torque my body to lift the nose of the plane slightly. I think it’s helping……..

I have separated the coaches comments into U upwind, D Downwind, M mark rounding, and P preparation.

1. U Don’t error on overflatness. Maintain some leeward heal in the boat.
2. U Torque back on the hiking strap when the wave goes under the boat. Probably right before the top of the wave gets to the center board. Torque forward when the wave is with you (Cabarete).
3. U&D Tighten strap to get more control of the hull.
4. U Don’t feather the boat, keep the power on. The forward telltail should stream aft.
5. U Port tack approach to windward mark, ease vang prior to tack.
6. U Torque forward into chop.
7. U In swells, tack at the top of the wave and try to force the comp to tack in the lulls at the bottom.
8. U When hiking, try to keep your ass up.
9. U Sheet out a little at the top of the wave to get the bow down and accelerate.
10. U In very heavy air trim the vang to the point where tacking may be hard.
11. D Watch the bow, make sure you don’t plunge into the back of the next wave. Helm away from the direct hit and try to find a flat spot for the bow.
12. D Ease vang in the lighter stuff and chop.
13. D Try to keep weight forward, then lean back when the bow starts to surge.
14. D In swells, during luffing match, luff your comp over the swell then do a bear away on the face of the swell. (Thanks Raoul)
15. D When the velocity goes down, DO SOMETHING! Either reach up, go further by the lee, of jibe. Find pressure- sheet tension.
16. D Light air jibe, after controlling the sheet, use the strap or block to pull the boat over on you for the roll.
17. D Reach in air, put your body on a 45 degree angle, feet forward of course.
18. D Reach, again power on always.
19. D If you sail too far by the lee, JIBE but don’t steer, just trim.
20. D An eased vang lets you sail more different down wind angles without trimming.
21. D Heavy close reach, don’t ease the out haul.
22. D Heavy close reach, torgue then pump sheet.
23. M Windward, release vang, then cunningham,then out haul, and then board up a little for the turn.
24. M If you have room put up 6-8 ins. of board right before the mark (Andre).
25. M Concentrate on not slowing down on the approach.
26. M Full arm extension of mainsheet to ease at the mark. Ratio the ease with your hiking moment for weather heel. (Andre)
27. M Make sure the boat is flat before easing the vang.
28. M Post jibing don’t ease much.
29. P Make proper marks on vang, mainsheet 90 degrees, out haul (boom).

I want to thank Ari and Rulo for the wonderful week of sailing and learning. I hope to return next year and win every upwind, down wind and reach. I plan to do one sit up a day for training and cut down on all the junk food. I may even start to hike a little. Next year in Cabarete! Come one come all, where is Scheidt?

Take care, Rick Strilky Laser 176078, T-10 30246….

Paul Wurtzenback from the USA said:

Paul Wurtzebach. Champion Lightning sailor, thinking of getting into Laser Class.Nice to hear form you. Really looking forward to next winter visit. Your combination of chalk talk, video, on the water coaching and Rulo demonstration of tacking and Jibing is best training I have witnessed in my long sailing career.

Will soon see how this impacts my Lightning sailing on National level.

Majiz Grabovsky from Poland said:

About Cabarete, From making Waves. An Isaf publication. ‘The place appeared to be even more beautiful than I was told with perfect sailing conditions for Laser sailing. Again we had a good group of guys, just to mention Matias DEL SOLAR from Chile, Marc DE HAAS from the Netherlands, Jeremy STEYAERT from France and a few others, so the training was very intense.’

Marc de Haas from Holland said:

Hey Ari,

Love your place! First two events after training in the DR are a win!
See you next year, haha

Stephanie Roble from the USA said:

Hi Rulo,
We had a great time in Cabarete and Steph really enjoyed working with you. She felt that she learned a lot, and became much more comfortable in the Laser. She said it was starting to feel like her Opti! Unfortunately, she hasn’t been in her Laser since we got home, but plans to get in it a few times this week to practice before Nationals. She’s also started working out at the gym.
Thanks for everything!!
Nancy Roble, USA

Andrew Childs from Canada said:

Andrew Childs CAN, recent Result 2nd US Nationals 2005Hi Ari,
I really liked the Laser Training Center and Cabarete.
I hope we will be back again next winter. It was a
great start to our season. I also enjoyed windsurfing
on the last two days of my trip. It’s an ideal spot.
It’s really good that you carry extra mast sections
and gear. With such a windy place, these things are
necessary. We were really happy with your centre.
I’ll see you at US nationals?

Tommy Wharton from Canada said:

Ari – just a short note to say THANK YOU for all your help with the camp
– hope the next week is just as good
– it was an amazing time
– you have a great facility and staff
– and I KNOW we will do this again, again, and again
Best regards,

Claire Merry from Canada said:

Dear Ari,
The Radial girls wanted to say thank you for providing us with new and well maintained boats for charter. Our time in Cabarete was a great experience, that none of us will ever forget. This experience will go down in our books as one that has opened doors to our learning as sailors. We cannot stress enough the value obtained from this experience, and thank you for your part in helping us make this camp a success. Once again, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation. We hope to come and see you soon!!

Claire Merry, Joanne Prokop, Ingrid Merry, Emily Searle
Radial High Performance Team
Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Magali Bonneau-Marcil from Canada said:

CANADA, recent result.. 1st Woman , 3rd Overall, US Nationals.
Dear Ari, Andrea, Robert, Wilson, and the rest of the staff of the Center,

You guys did a great job this week. We felt so welcome. Thank you!

The service was outstanding, the conditions amazing, the atmosphere pleasant. I look forward to see you again in the future.

Mucho gracias!

Hasta luego!


Derek Breitenstein from Finland said:

Sailing is usually like life, You do not realize Yourself what is happening, but if somebody else gives You comments it can be an eye-opener and You will have a better perspective about what is Your “pros and cons” – I found it very inspiring to be part of the interaction we had in Fortaleza (2005 Worlds) and I also appreciate the help a good coach (Rulo) can give. Personally I was the reserve for the Finn class in the (boycott) Olympics in 1980 – Finland won a Gold medal….., coach for the Olympic sailing team in Los Angeles 1984 and teamleader for the sailing team in Pusan 1988. After that I had distance to ambitious sailing but 3 years ago I started to put an effort in sailing and get great satisfaction in trying to be “medium-fit” and also learning all the time more about sailing……
Regards from,

John Sutherland of the USA said:

We really enjoyed the whole week in Cabarete, including time spent with the folks at Iguanamama, thanks for your recommendation.

The time spent sailing was shorter than I had originally hoped for, but we certainly learned a lot, and your staff could not have been more helpful. I, for one, realized that I had better get out from behind the wheel of my J105 and onto my Laser so that I can become a better, and fitter, sailor.
Hope to see you next year!
John Sutherland

Conner Higgins of Canada said:

hey ari

thanks for the pictures, there are some really good shots. i wasn’t able to
properly thank you before i left cabarete but i wanted to let you know how
much all of your hard work was appreciated by both me and everyone involved
in the camp, it couldn’t have happened without you. also, please pass on my
great thanks to rulo, andrea, and the rest of your team at the carib center,
they were all extremely helpful and welcoming to the whole group. i can
assure you that i’ll be back in the near future, i’ve certainly been hooked
by the place! thanks again ari and stay well.


Mike Kalin of Canada said:

Thank you so much for opening your facility to us and providing us with a great experience down in Cabarete. The boats were great, Rulo was very insightful and your staff was extremely helpful. Thanks again for the work and effort you put in for making the long downwind session happen – you certainly went all out for us on that day and we greatly appreciated it! We are already scheming up another excuse to come back down to Cabarete for another camp (or maybe just for vacation!!!). My only regret during my trip was that I was so exhausted from the sailing, that I was physically unable to go windsurfing. Oh well – I will just have to book a vacation down there.

Will I see you at North Americans? Best of luck with the training!

Happy sailing,

Mike Kalin

Matt Goetting of the USA said:

Thanks for everything, Matt had an awesome time sailing, i was very content on the beach, and we can’t wait to get back to Cabarete!


Tim Zimmerman of the USA said:

World Of Wetass (as published in sailinganarchy.com)Rulo Rules…

My ass didn’t get kicked today, which was actually a good thing. Because the conditions in Cabarete were perfect for practicing boathandling technique, instead of requiring survival. Having assessed the level of experience in our group Coach Rulo started us on the water early, when winds are normally light. So out we went past the reef, and ran some tacking drills (tack on the whistle), some gybing drills, and the Rulo drill (on the whistle, tack and bear off onto a run; on next whistle, gybe onto port and trim up to close-hauled). Exactly the sort of stuff I need to practice, and Rulo was all over the fleet with tips and advice while he shot video. The Cabarete breeze never fully powered on, so we got plenty of work in before heading back into the Bay for some practice racing. The only downside to light wind and big swell was the, umm, need to hurl once between drills (and, no, it had nothing to do with Happy Hour; just overheated from wearing too much; that’s the only hard choice down here in paradise: sunburn vs. feeding fish).

Coach Rulo Explains Technique: “Tim, you need to get your upper body out farther when you puke.”

It’s amazing how helpful coaching (with video) is. You can see the ugly truth right there on the screen, and Rulo is very good with the pause and slo-mo to really drill into technique. My lessons for the day: in light air you are never as far forward as you think you are (or trimmed on as much as you think you are); keep your butt inboard and your shoulders out, and steer by moving your upper body in and out to effect heel; and if you grab the hiking strap and tug you can snap off a world-class roll gybe (though my enthusiasm for this new technique did lead to one near-windward capsize).

Rulo (whose real name is Javier Borojovich is a true teacher at heart, because otherwise he wouldn’t have the patience required for duffers like me. He is originally from Argentina and campaigned for the 2000 Olympics in a 470 (coming second in the trials, and losing out to an eventual medal winner). And most of the time when he is not coaching clinics at the Laser Training Center he is jetting around the world coaching sailors at major championships. He just returned from coaching Lisa Ross, the 2008 Canadian Olympic rep in the Radial, at the Radial Worlds in New Zealand, and he has done work with a bunch of other top sailors, including Anna Tunnicliffe. And top Laser sailors are also frequently passing through Cabarete: Lima, Mendelblatt, Grabowski, Goodison (for some reason the elite American sailors haven’t really discovered this place). In fact, today when we were doing a practice race in which you had to do ten tacks before the windward mark, Raul Aguayo, who is the Dominican Republic’s 2008 Olympic Laser representative (and the first sailor from the DR ever to qualify for the Olympics) joined in. He had been out practicing with LTC owner Ari Barshi in the light wind and big swells (exact Qingdao conditions, in other words). Yes, he got to the top mark first (proving the gains to be had in consistently good tacks), but it was a kick to try and stay with him.

In fact, I am already trying to figure out a way to get back here next year. The think to do would be to book an entire clinic with a bunch of sailors from my District 11 Fleet [hyperlink:http://www.laserdistrict11.org/]. That would be mayhem (the good kind).

Ahh, I can’t rub it in anymore. Just have a nice weekend…

Tim Zimmermann

Doug Wendland of the USA said:

We’ve been home for a month, the snow is gone and all my scrapes and bruises have healed. I really enjoyed the sailing that I was able to do through the Laser Training Center. My special thanks to you, Rulo and Wilson for helping my visit to Cabarete to be something that gave me new insights into sailing. I also quickly recognized how out of shape I was. I am very greatful that your program is able to accommodate us not so elite sailors. Rulo is an excellent (and very patient) teacher. I have so much to practice this summer. I plan on sailing in the North American Master’s Championship this year so I should be able to have an idea of how much progress I have made. I would really love to come back at the end of the season and hopefully build on what I learned with you this March.


Doug Wendland
Duluth, Minnesota

John Wujack of the USA said:

Good Day Andrea,

Thanks for your hospitality. We loved our visit to Cabarete. I have been searching for a long time to find a beach loaded with wind, Lasers, and other water toys. I finally found it! We hope to return and I wish I could say soon, but our move and work schedule may keep us in the western U. S. for a bit of time. I have already mentioned the DR, Cabarete, and the Laser Training Centre to several of my close sailing buddies and my brother. I think that you may be seeing me brother, Paul, very soon. Thank Wilson and Emilio for me and have no fear, even if it’s a while before Dianne and I can return, I will be talking fondly of your business, Cabarete, and the beauty of the Dominican Republic.

All the best and kind regards,

John Wujack

Ej O’Mara of the USA said:

We had a wonderful time and will be back. EJ is pleased with all he has learned and looking forward to practicing.

John Heine of Canada said:

Hi Ari,

We did enjoy the time in Cabarete very much. Next time I’ll try to get into better shape in preparation. I think the kids in particular benefited..

Thanks to you and Rulo for a productive vacation.

Jane Schmidt of the USA said:

Andrea Hi.

I have attached some photos from our trip. We had such a great time. I just wrote up a trip report and emailed it out to friends and family also with photos attached. I am sure some of our Laser friends will add Cabarete to their list of “must do trips”. We will hope to return one day. Thanks again for everything and hope you and the rest of the gang there are all good.

Jane Schmidt

Jerome Roche of France said:

We came back yesterday from Cabarete. We had a fantastic time there ! The team at the Laser Training Center was great. The coaching with Jato was excellent, and we learned a lot. We also enjoyed his enthusiasm and kindness. He was forming a good team with Andy. Wilson was very helpful too, and we had a nice interaction with Carmen.
It is definitely on our agenda to come back next season, possibly with fellow Laser sailors !

Oh, and a big bonus was to see two big whales while sailing back to the bay !

Thanks, and we hope to come back soon to Cabarete.


Deirdre Webster of Canada said:

I had a great time at the clinic and learnt so much. Of course it was a delightful bonus to meet Anna and be able to sail with you all.
Many thanks again.


Andrew Keller of the USA said:

We had a great time – nothing like being out in the ocean with 6-8 foot swells and 20 knots of wind in little boats to improve confidence and sailing abilities. The course was excellent and very challenging.

Andrew Keller

Tania Elias-Calles of Mexico said:

hello andrea!!!

I went out sailing yesterday and came in late… I almost missed flight!
Thank you very much for everything! I wish I can go train to Cabarete soon! It is a paradise!

Thanks again for all the hospitality!

Take care!