Judith Krimski

In 2015  Judith started coaching in Cabarete after years of coaching high-school teams. She was an immediate success with club sailors for her ability to demystify the Laser, helping sailors better understand the why and how of successfully making the Laser sail faster. Since then Judith has elevated her coaching skills in training with top level coaches, Brett Beyer, Angelo Tabernero, Rulo and Nick Thompson. Judith brings top technics to every day language in relaxed manner that boosts sailors confidence.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Judith for he 2nd place finish women great grand master in the 2019 European Masters.

Judith will be in Cabarete December 2019- through February 2020.



Judith Krimski’s coaching focuses on three critical areas:

  • Attention: Highly personalized analysis and goal setting applied to all aspects of Laser sailing
  • Knowledge: Ability to communicate boat handling in comprehensible steps in order to target areas of improvement and enhance each sailor’s understanding of the sailor-boat relationship
  • Practice: Employing highly focused skills-drills for effective practice and increased knowledge of critical connections between boat-handling maneuvers.