Dr. Rulo Diagnostic Lab

In the diagnostic lab, Dr. Rulo pays close attention to every physical detail when analyzing your body position on the boat, from hiking style, to effective legal use of kinetics,  to smooth tacking and jibing maneuvers, along with overall boat handling to maximize performance around the race course.  Reviewing the onboard and coach boat video footage provides invaluable feedback to assist you in your training program.

A day at the Speed Diagnostic Lab runs as follows:

  • 10:30 AM rigging.
  • 11:00 AM Briefing, setting goals for the day, and when needed watching videos of the world’s top Laser sailors.
  • 11:30 AM sailing. We usually sail 2-3 hours depends on conditions and sailor’s endurance.
  • 14:30 PM lunch break.
  • After lunch debriefing, and video analysis.

Fees for Dr. Rulo’s private clinics and speed diagnostics:

  • Coaching $400 a day. (Can be split between up to 4 sailors, who come together).
  • Coach boat: $130 a day.
  • Laser charter $90 a day per person. Charter boats include hull, mast, boom, rudder assembly, centerboard and dolly. All Laser hulls have a hiking strap, main-sheet block, deck pulleys and outhaul/cunningham cleats.  Please bring with you, sail, battens, tiller with extension, traveler line with blocks, main sheet, complete Cunningham and outhaul systems with the blocks, compass if you use one, bungee cord for the centerboard, and life jacket. Using your own rigging on our boats, will allow you to feel right at home, and at the same time allow the coach to suggest any changes when needed.

To read Sailing World magazine article about this program click here.

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