Be your own coach – 3 step program

Learn Right

To get results, one has to know how to maneuver the boat properly. In our highly acclaimed Advanced Laser Boat Handling DVD, we slice each and every tack, jibe, mark rounding, and penalty turns to allow you to practice the exact same moves. Save yourself the time of trying to undo wrong boat handling habits, and watch this DVD now. Many sailors watch the DVD routinely the night before a race to stay conscience of the importance of boat handling.

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Learn from seeing your mistakes

You think you rounded the leeward mark as close to it as possible, coming out with a flat boat at  full speed upwind. But how can you really know without having an extra set of eyes right on your boat? To solve this wondering we now offer the best On-board camera package for Lasers, Finn, 470, 420, and Optimist.

The Sail Pro camera designed by our head coach Rulo, also helps beginners realize why the main sheet gets caught on the stern during a jibe, or why the main sheet gets tangled upwind.

Compare your boat handling to what you see on our DVD, and know exactly what you have to work on. Learn more about this unique package.

Be Fit  (for under $20.00)

It is no secret that it takes a lot of effort to make the Laser cut through chop, consistently surf down waves on a reach, or downwind. Sailors  with better physical fitness preparation, increase their chance of wining in any racing level.  The hiking bench has been an integral part of physical training for the Laser sailors for years. Some even say that they prefer the hiking bench over going to the gym.

Learn how to make your own and read coach Doug Peckover’s story behind this new design.