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Come sail with us!

Summer thermals in combination with the Trade Winds offer consistent winds till the end of September. The ocean along the shore is totally flat, while outside the reef one can sail in big swell. Cabarete is the perfect place for sailors who are at different levels to sail together.  Although we currently don’t run group clinics in the summer, you can come alone or create your own group. We offer coaches who use coach-boats when coming with their own team. Contact us for more details.


Winter 2019/2020 Calendar:

Book your plane tickets and secure the best accommodation at a time Cabarete is usually very busy.

January 2nd-6th 2020 Starting, holding lanes and approaching lay lines.

January 7th-11th 2020  Downwind speed and strategy.

January 13th-16th  2020 Pre-race clinic.

January 17th-19th 2020   18th Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta  

January  21st- 25th 2020 Masters clinic.


More details soon.