Upcoming Events


February-March- April 2017 

Dinghy 101.

Designed for big boat sailors  who understand wind, but are not used to the speed and agility of a sailing dinghy.

We use the Laser Bahia for this program, which allows to understand the anticipation needed for smaller boats.

Dinghy Sailing 101 are three sessions of two hours each, usually taken 3 days in a row. Fee: $360.00 for one person . Includes coach and boat.


Beginner Course.

Designed for those with no prior experience in sailing. Three meets of 1.5 hours each, on the Laser Bahia.

Learning basic nautical terms, actions of tiller and daggerboard. Using the sail to get the wind to move the boat forward,

and to the destination you want to get to.  Fees: $300.00 one person, $420.00 two person.

Laser to Laser coaching.

Designed for sailors with Laser experience, who want a pare of eyes next to them while they sail. In these 2 hour sessions, the coach demonstrates from another Laser how to sail more efficiently, and than guides you from his own Laser.
We set up marks, for practice of mark rounding and finding the lay lines.  Fees for each session is $180.00, and includes the two Lasers and the coach. We recommend at least 4 sessions of Laser to Laser to allow real progress.

Master Worlds- practice session. Aug 20th until Friday Sep 2nd.

As in past years a few Master sailors are getting together for a Master’s conference. Plan is to sail 2-3 hours a day, sometimes in the lighter winds of the morning, other in the stronger winds of the afternoon, and at times from 11:00am to 1:30pm to cover a wide range of changing winds. Some starts will be given, as well as buoys for upwind and downwind mark rounding practices.  No coaching is planned at this point, just a lot of sharing of information among sailors. For more information.