A few years ago, I began sailing the Laser. Having been involved in Windsurfing since 1976, I missed the good old days of true One Design racing. I could not find a place where a Laser sailor could show up, at any time of the year and sail on brand new gear, supervised by a coach. So…we created the place. My wife MJ and I are running the Carib Bic Center, a Windsurfing Club since 1988. It is located in the windy town of Cabarete, an international destination for windsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers.

Plenty of Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Cup events were held here. The wind usually starts light in the morning and increases during the day, thus allowing sailors to pick the best time of the day for their ability. It was an easy decision to expand into the Laser program. Four years passed since we began and we can proudly say that among the sailors that came to train with our head coach Rulo, are four World Champions, seventeen sailors who participated in the 2008 China Olympic Games, and over 15 National champions from around the world.

Our coaching program has expanded, and improved to match the growing demands and abilities of the top sailors. Onboard cameras and video analysis are all part of the coaching sessions. We are steadily increasing our attention to beginners, youth sailors, masters and people who just think that sailing a Laser is a fun way to enjoy a relaxing Caribbean vacation with a friend or family.


Ari Barshi   DOM187994