Upcoming Events

February . Available for Laser charter or teams and sailors coming with their own coach. great sailing conditions!


March 29th – April 2nd, 2016. Sailors conference . Pre-Worlds Masters training week.

Last year we ran a Sailors Conference for the first time. It was similar to the practice style known as 413 as described above. Juan gave starting sequences and we raced in-bay courses. We also sailed in open ocean, to work on endurance and longer downwind legs. The 2016 dates are a perfect fit for sailors planning to participate in the Master worlds in Mexico. World Champion Peter Seidenberg, Mike Matan , and Ari Barshi already confirmed their participation in this event.

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Previous events:

Winter 2015-  2016

December 29th to January 2nd 2016. New Year’s Session. January 1st, is a day off.

This session is designed for sailors who are looking to dedicate 2-3 hours a day for sailing, and the rest of the time be with family, friends, or just take day trips.  Fees for this sessions are $599.00 and include boat charter and on water training sessions.

January 2015. Our first ever 3 week Laser Training Camp. January 4th to 23rd, 2016. (partial participation possible).

We have come to realize that to really improve one needs to dedicate at least 3 weeks in a row for sailing.

The five day clinics are great, offer a nice family vacation, and give  a real notion of what one has to improve on.

Unfortunately 5 days are not enough time to improve on a enough aspects of racing. Naturally if we work for 5 days just on leeward mark rounding for example, you will become an expert mark rounder. But it is very demanding to practice just on one aspect of the race course.

In our three week training camp will be working on boat handling for a secured start, on-time acceleration, creating and keeping a lane, windward mark approach tactics, finding the first wave while-rounding the upwind mark, reaching, and downwind transitions on Cabarete’s user-friendly waves that later make any other downwind easy to master. Downwind strategy, and tactics. Speed, speed, speed. Deciding on the right angle to the wind at any given point on the upwind leg, depending on waves, coming shifts or gusts, and the relative position of other boats.

Update Oct. 16th 2015.

We are fully booked for most of the three weeks period, look below for availability.

January 4th -8th, 2016. Speed, and trim session.   Sorry fully Booked.

January 10th -13th, 2016. Pre-race session. Starts, acceleration, creating and keeping a lane. Sorry fully Booked.

January 15th-17th, 2016.   14th Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta. Sorry fully Booked.

Coaches will be busy running the regatta but at the same time on regatta days, there will be a pre-race briefing including weather forecast, daily goal setting etc. Between races coaches will approach sailors, with immediate feedback of what was observed on the race course and what needs to be improved. We will conclude with be an after-race debrief.

January  19th-23rd, 2016 .  Rounding session. Sorry fully Booked.

Training fees:

Laser Charter per day $90.00 includes hull, spars, blades, and dolly. What to bring?

Coaching: $120.00 Per day.

Regatta Fees:

Laser Charter per day $125.00 includes hull, spars, blades, and dolly. What to bring?

Regatta entry fee: $80.00