Upcoming Events


September  17th to 24th 2016. Sailors conference .

Last year we ran a Sailors Conference for the first time. It was similar to the practice style known as fleet 413. A few sailors getting to gather, work on upwind speed, downwinders and just share the love of sailing. Every day starts with goal setting for the day, and ends after the sailing session with the fastest sailor of the day sharing his or her secrets. Special charter rate of $390.00 for the entire period.

Winter 2017

January 7th- 11th, 2017. 2 time world champion Nick Thompson’s Clinic.

Nick won the 2015 world championships in closed water conditions that was sometimes choppy, sometimes like lake sailing and the 2016 worlds in Mexico with short sharp chop on port tack, and loose swell on starboard. Nick just knows how to make the Laser go fast in any conditions and is now ready to share his secrets with you.  Don’t be surprised to have Nick do some of the coaching right from his own Laser allowing the rest of us to really understand how fast a world champion can really make this simple boat sail. The 5 day training sessions with one day of break, and cover all aspects of boat handling, starting, boat speed, fitness and mental preparation.  This clinic is limited to just 10 sailors, which will allow Nick to give personal attention to each participant over the course of this first of its kind training session. Fees including Laser charter are: $1,790.00 per person. For inscription and more information contact us.
Pre-race clinic with Coach Rulo. January 14th-18th, 2017. If you want to be coached by one of the leading coaches who knows exactly what high performance means, this clinic is for you. Fees including Laser and coaching are: $1,229.00 per person. Fleet limited to 12 sailors. For reservations and more information contact us, and  link to accommodation.

January 20th-22nd, 2017.   15th Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta.

The fun but serious regatta is now 15 years old. Come enjoy the tradition.